Aine Tyrell - Artist Statement

Boarding a plane in New Orleans was the first I heard of COVID and warnings to wear a face mask through LA Airport. I was returning from having been selected to perform at the International Folk Alliance Conference in New Orleans as an official showcase artist. I had an incredible time and came away with a 2-year plan with exceptional international relationships in terms of agents and management teams.


Like everyone else, I lost my entire 12-24 months of gigs and festivals, booked all around the world from Edinburgh Fringe Festival to Vivid Festival in Sydney. The biggest impact has been the disappearance of the overseas potential that I had worked so hard for over so many years to be in a position to be ready for these opportunities that were landing on my door.


COVID hit hard on the finances, but mostly on my mental health, of losing a lifetime worth of opportunities and losing a sense of purpose. A reason for being in this crazy industry is the humans you meet along the way at live shows.


As an independent artist, live performances have been the only way to create a community around me that support what I do. When you are touring you gather your fan base one by one in every little town and I love that so much. This is not only the confirmation of the purpose of why you do what you do, but also this is the only way to have a sustainable career in the creative arts as an independent musician.


I think when the live music ended, it made all us musicians question our legitimacy and the sustainability of our career choices.


Having livestreamed quite a bit prior to COVID, it was the only way I could see to an ongoing connection with my community. A silver lining in this has been the process of starting a Patreon Community where my community can feel a sense of connection, I feel of service, and it is a sustainable future for me. It gave me strength in that there was a sense that online performance was important and helpful to those in various stages of lockdowns all over the world. And it is, we proved that as a music community.


But still, nothing beats being in a room live with humans and I have been lucky living in Rural NSW to be able to start doing Covid-Safe shows and feeling the feeling of humans in a room together connecting over music.


What I am most looking forward to is being in rooms with everyone again and not taking for granted the power of that, even in the smallest of rooms.  I am also looking forward to meeting all those who have gathered around in my Patreon community and meeting them all over the world in rooms soon.


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