Andre De Vanny - Artist Statement

I have been performing as an actor in film, television and theatre for the past 20 years. Acting has taken me around the country and across the globe. In 2018, I performed an Irish one-man play called Swansong in Los Angeles and on 42nd street in New York, where I won best actor at the New York United Solo Theatre Festival. That was quite a dream for me. 


2019 was perhaps my busiest year to date, with non stop commitments across Sydney, Melbourne and regional Victoria. It was certainly a shock when Covid 19 came along. The outbreak of the pandemic changed many of my plans as the restrictions began to shut down theatres nationwide. 


By April, I was forced to cancel a 2020 tour of Swansong and all other opportunities for acting work began to disappear. All that definitely added to the financial struggle of this year.


The silver lining for me has been the discovery of other modes of creativity and expression. I have been able to dedicate much of my time and energy into fine art, writing, and other passions that I may not have explored had things continued as normal.


Artists are inherently resilient. To survive any length of time in the arts, particularly in Australia, you have to be incredibly determined, and with so many opportunities for paid work gone, artists are forced to dig deeper than they have before. To make their own content. To create not for money but because they must, because it is an essential part of their existence.


So often great art is born out of hardship, and whilst I would never have wished for this pandemic, I do believe that exciting new work will emerge in the wake of the crisis