Antigone X

A riotous, queered-up version of one of the greatest Greek tragedies, Sophocles’ Antigone, came crashing onto the shores of St. Kilda and into Theatre Works.

Produced by Zeb Fontaine Productions

Written by Zachary Dunbar

Directed by Katy Maudlin & Zachary Dunbar


Nick Clark, Phoebe Mason,Briony Farrell, Darcy Whitsted, Louisa Wall


Julian Dibley-Hall, Leigh Scully, Patrick Livesy, Jim Coulson, Jonathan Graffam

"Ivan Kemp captured some gorgeous moments while remaining discrete in the theatre, allowing the actors to continue working, almost unaware of his presence. The shots he got on stage are immaculate,


In addition the photographs he took of the cast preparing for the dress rehearsal are unique and wonderful snapshots of a backstage world."

Katy Maudlin - Director