The Gems. Sam Durney & Trish Redman - Artist Statement

We met 17 years ago when our children were young. With children at school it was time for us to do do something exciting.... time to be us.  We bought guitars and learnt a few chords and did our first Gig 2 weeks later. Since then we have looked for adventure and we love to take all our friends along for the ride.


The Gem’s   We sing songs we love and songs the audience love. Our Desperate Housewives nights (ladies only) have been running for 11 years and sell out every time.   Desperate housewives nights are themed to add variety, they are unrehearsed and full of spontaneous product reviews, little improvs, music, laughter and audience participation.

Between us we play the guitar, drums, bass, harmonica  and mandolin. Anything we can get our hands on, we will give a go.  


The Pulse Breaky Show We have always wanted to be on radio and now have our own radio show “Breaky With The Gems. Monday morning 7-9 on 94.7 the Pulse. We try to have fun and make our listeners feel like they know us.  We love to make people feel good and try new things and enjoy life. 

We love to have fun and we love to involve as many people as we can.  We are both in our 50‘s and living the life and enjoying every minute!!


COVID 19 Shutdown. Basically our whole entertainment life ceased when COVID restrictions came into place. We were lucky enough to have a gig at the Potato Shed Drysdale to stream some live music which was awesome . Unfortunately that didn’t last too long, as Covid got worse they had to shut their doors.  


We have been lucky enough to be involved in some collaborations with other musicians via a clever and talented local muso named Darren Donlen.  We pick a song and video ourselves individually and he puts it all together and then posts it up on YouTube .  This has been awesome fun!  Through this crisis we have stayed positive realising that we are some of the lucky ones, as we had other jobs to do and loving partners supporting us, in fact they support all our crazy ideas!!


We are looking forward to getting back out there and entertaining people via  the stage, live music and with our radio show.