Theatre 3Triple2 - Artist Statement

As a Theatre Company, we started out in Feb 2004 as ‘Encore Theatre Company’, then changed our name to ‘Theatre 3triple2’ when we became incorporated in Dec 2009.

For 20 years we have been entertaining the community with adult and children’s plays.

This year, Covid 19 has had a huge impact on our company.

The major impact has been of a financial nature. We have been unable to produce any of our regular school holiday pantomimes, our ‘Winter Solstice’ program and our showpiece event the ‘12 x12’ plays in December.

By not producing these shows we have not generated any income through ticket sales and yet we have still incurred our expenses such as Insurance fees and our monthly storage fees.

Our inability to produce shows has also impacted others around us.

The opportunity for local writers and actors to develop their skills has been diminished.

We have not used our great supporter ‘The Dress Up Place’ for costumes nor have we been able to be advertised in local media and hire space at the Potato Shed for various activities. These are just a few of the other groups also impacted by our inability to perform.


Another impact has been on the personal side. As a group we have not had the opportunity to gather together for our regular meetings. These have been held via zoom and while we can see each other it is not the same as being together. We are certainly looking forward the next time we can gather together in person. Our membership this year is well down on previous years, which also impacts the workload of the committee and dedicated members.


As a group we have also had to produce a new set of protocols and safety measures. This has been good as it has forced us to look at procedures and make some improvements to move forward with.

The challenges of this year have strengthened our resolve to produce quality shows for the Bellarine and wider Geelong community. We already have our plans in place to bounce back stronger. This will all start with our production of Hansel & Gretel for the January 2021 school holidays


We hope to see you all there.



Bruce Murray


I have been involved in theatre all my life. It started with putting on acts for my primary school and hit the pinnacle of directing Lysistrata at Geelong Repertory Theatre. The scene in this exhibition photograph is from my last play at the Potato Shed, one of many short and long plays I have enjoyed performing. 


The Covid lockdown has meant that live theatre has not been possible, so I am looking forward to a resumption to unique art form where actors have an immediate interaction with audiences.