Elena & James Nicholls - Artist Statement

James and Elena both started learning guitar from the lovely Trish Redman back in 2015 and played their first gig together at the potato shed 3 weeks later. 


This love of playing music continued throughout high school, where they both enrolled in VET/VCE Music at Bellarine Secondary College, and then onto Collarts - Australian College of the Arts, where they are both studying a Bachelor of Music! 


Their studies and music have taken a hit just like most things have due to Covid 19. 

Like all Universities, their classes were on Zoom, and as most venues were closed, they didn’t have the chance to play much outside of their own home.


However, James and Elena were lucky as the potato shed had them play a few live streams over lockdown which was awesome! Thank you, Rob, Lisa and staff. 


Their so excited for things to get back to normal. Playing gigs, weddings, birthdays etc... have been missed, and they can’t wait to get back out there. 


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