John McCutcheon - Artist Statement

John McCutcheon is a legend of American folk music where he has emerged as one of the most loved and respected folk / contemporary artists of the post war generation.


John is a superb multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and an amazing storyteller. In his performance at the Potato Shed he played the banjo, guitar, piano, violin and the hammered dulcimer. He is a master of the rare and beautiful hammered dulcimer.


John is a prolific songwriter, and he has released 41 recordings which have received multiple awards and 7 Grammy nominations.


The late Pete Seeger was a friend and mentor to John and in January 2019, John released a tribute album To Everyone in All the World: A Celebration to Pete Seeger. “This is an album I’ve been waiting 50 years to make!”  said John. 


John performs in major concert halls and theatres in the US, but he is most at home in festivals, in live performances in which he appears around the world. After his Potato Shed performance John played at the Port Fairy Folk Festival. 


People of every generation and background feel at home when John McCutcheon takes the stage. And so it was at the Potato Shed where his magical storytelling weaved around every song and captured the audience. It was like having a conversation with an old friend.