Madeliene Cope - Artist Statement

I am an Indie / Folk / Acoustic artist from Geelong who is completely in control of my craft.


I use my songwriting and emotions to tell stories from my day to day life. My live performances are tied together with both beautiful and punchy arrangements, to show feeling and emotion.


My music has allowed me to play at venues and events such as Queenscliff Music Festival, Cherry Bar, and Pappy & Harriet’s in California.


Whilst Covid did shut down the live music scene, it completely opened up the art of live streaming events. Throughout the months of Covid, I got into a new line of work where I was helping run live streamed gigs and events, so that everyone can watch them! 


I also participated in a few of these gigs myself which included performing in the Bird Bath series at the Potato Shed. Whilst it wasn’t the same atmosphere as a regular live gig, it was still a different and exciting experience!


Whilst staying isolated, I was also able to write a bucket load of new tunes which I am extremely excited to show to the world!


Now that COVID is coming to an end, I am looking forward to performing in front of a live audience that will cheer me on and throw back positivity and fun energy at me.