Damon Smith - Artist Statement

Across the music and event industry, livelihoods have been lost as a direct consequence of the COVID19 pandemic with performers and creatives like me, having to find other ways to make a living. 


My critically acclaimed, 4-and half star touring show that explores the multifaceted nature of living with mental illness, Mental As Everything, was 3 days out from kicking off its 22 date, 2020 regional tour when it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and now in November, after having the tour rescheduled twice in 5 months, we again have had to reschedule into late 2021. 


Throughout these Melbourne Lockdowns, there was no way to fulfil my 2020 dates and subsequently, no way to earn money, at least with the performances. Being a fulltime musician who previously performs between 30 and 50 dates a year, I, along with so many creatives, have had to work towards finding a way to continue earning a living and thankfully I have received huge support from my peers with some offering me live stream gigs, jingles, writing work and so on.


It has proved that when a bridge burns down another can appear at your feet, which is exactly what has happened for me. In some way, the lockdowns have brought me a sense of clarity and a new lease of creativity which allowed me to produce two records, three film clips, a children's book plus a great deal of work I picked up along the way. 2021 is looking good with shows being booked and opportunities opening up as I write this. 


Oh...and don't tell anyone but I also have a Xmas record on the way!