Geelong Harmony Chorus

We are Geelong Harmony Chorus, part of Sweet Adelines International, and our unofficial motto is ‘Come for the music, stay for the friendship’. For 25 years, Geelong Harmony Chorus has offered local singers a myriad of opportunities to embrace their musicianship and create harmony, both in song and in the friendship of others. 

Our Potato Shed concert is usually held during October – springtime. But this year of COVID-19 saw us in lockdown. Weeks of planning and rehearsing go into every one of our concerts. Our weekly rehearsals – those wonderful times of contact and chatter, where we as singers and as people would be validated and heard – stopped and we had to stay home to be safe. We aren’t overstating things when we admit to feelings of fear and sadness, even grief for what was being lost. And when it came to taking the stage at the Potato Shed for our ‘Let the Sunshine In’ 2020 springtime concert, well, it couldn’t happen. We had to go online with that, too.


Our musical director, Alex Morris, and the Geelong Harmony music team and management team stepped up and brought us together via Zoom. If anything, rehearsing and performing online takes up far more time and energy than being there in person, but we’ve been able to build on our musical skills and our friendship as a group. We’re still in our ‘holding pattern’ for now but hope to be able to stand together on stage sometime next year, and trust us, we will sing our hearts out!

To people in Geelong who want to sing with us, we hope to welcome you in 2021 so you too can share in the friendships, talents and skill-sharing of Geelong Harmony, the chorus that kept its harmony and grew stronger even during a pandemic.