Issi Dye - Artist Statement

During my 50 years in showbiz, this is by far the most challenging year. With Covid 19 affecting the entertainment industry so severely as a whole.


Never have we had “No Shows” for more than 6 months and counting!


We love our audiences and feed off them … it makes our shows so much more fulfilling with the interaction of our wonderful audiences, especially meeting them after the shows to chat …. I do miss that particularly.


I do look forward to presenting my different cabaret shows back at the Potato Shed in 2021. Tributes to the great Johnny O’Keefe / Bobby Darin / Al Jolson and more …. Bring them on!!


Thank you to the Potato Shed for supporting all of the artists and shows in the past and to Ivan Kemp for his amazing photos, capturing the artists in full voice!!


See you all next year!