Jack Meredith - Artist Statement

I’m a singer songwriter, harmonica and keyboard player from the Bellarine Peninsula. Prior to Covid I had a steady stream of gigs, both local and regional. I was even preparing to move into my own home and begin my life as a working musician.


There were a lot of promising opportunities on the horizon and I was really beginning to come into my own. But of course, the Covid 19 restrictions essentially evaporated the livelihood of local musicians and all those gigs and opportunities were pulled out from under us in an instant. I’ve since seen many musicians and venue owners fall into a serious financial struggle, the mental strain of not having any connection or camaraderie with associates and bandmates has also become more than apparent.


Personally, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to start up a solid career for a long time, and it seemed like gigs were to be years off from returning. Like so many others, I fell into a pit of uncertainty and my commitment to music was tested to its limits.


It’s thanks to the tight knit community of Bellarine musicians and punters that we’ve been able to support each other through this difficult time, whether it’s livestream gigs or PayPal donations, every bit or support has helped.


We are heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m optimistic for what the future holds. It may not be the same as before but as long as we have our communities support, I’m certain we’ll come out on top.