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News Photography

News photography keeps you sharp. In most instances you are meeting someone for the first time, at a place that you haven't been to before and you have 2 to 3 lines of story as a guideline.

You need to create a rapport with the subject, decide where to photograph them and how to best illustrate their story in a photograph(s). This usually takes place in the first 5 minutes.


These are the challenges but the rewards are amazing. You get to meet some wonderful people and organisations, you learn so much from hearing their stories and you get the opportunity to participate some in some inspiring events.

As one of my previous photography lecturers, Scott McNaughton keeps telling me "It's the best job in the world" and I have to agree.




Interesting people are everywhere, they come from all facets of life and age groups. They might be politicians, artists, councillors, tradespeople, volunteers, students and "everyday people". 

They all have a story to tell.

Photographs to be published soon.


Arts & Culture

The City of Greater Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast has an abundance of art, theatre and music.


As a result, I get the opportunity to meet and photograph many of these artists, musicians and actors.

Photographs to be published soon.

_Z629570_DxO AEP3 CC7 Subtle 31.JPG



The opportunity to photograph sport has been one of the benefits of working for a newspaper, as readers are keen to see how their teams have performed.

This has allowed me to photograph football, netball, cricket and bowls.

The common factors in photographing sport are to isolate the areas of action and to keep the ball into the frame. Each photograph has to capture a moment in the game.

Photographs to be published soon.



There is alway an event occuring within the City of Greater Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surfcoast.

These include the Mussel Festival in Portarlington, surfing's Rip Curl Classic, Queenscliff Music Festival, the National Celtic Festival, art trails, Carols by the Bay and many more.

Photographs to be published soon.

_DSC1734_DxO CEP5 Cross Process C41-E6 B01.JPG
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