Wayne Jury - Artist Statement

Gillian Welsh said recently that she, like so many musicians are “…struggling with the feeling of being non-essential”. It certainly puts your self-worth into perspective.

The Covid 19 restrictions made me realise that I am not my music, but music is a vehicle which I use to express my thoughts and feelings and to share empathy and compassion with other human beings.


The loss of connectivity with my musical community, my tribe, was difficult at first but technology (phone, the internet) has helped at least keep the flame alight. There is absolutely no replacement for being in the same space making music with other musicians, feeding into the energy, feeling the power and exhilaration, stirring emotions, supporting and pushing each other to greater heights.


Music is a healing force, it can also be an enlightening and humbling experience, and to share that with an audience is the most wonderful thing. I miss that.


Of course there is also the loss of income, music has been my living for 40 years. Suddenly I felt like a skydiver freefalling and hoping the parachute that someone else gave me is going to open. We are not in Kansas anymore Toto.


The anxiety has subsided and I can see hope that we can regain some of what went missing. It’s an opportunity to make things better.


As for music being non-essential? Bob Dylan said, “The purpose of music is to elevate the spirit and inspire…. it puts you in tune with your own existence.”